About Us

The Verfrut Group is a fruit company with Chilean capital investments dedicated to produce, process and export fresh fruit. The group is made up of:

Sociedad Exportadora Verfrut

It is dedicated to export fruit. The exporting company starts in 1996. Currently, the amount of fresh fruit exports is up to 7 million boxes per season (65 million kilograms). The entirety of fresh fruit exported by Verfrut is OWN PRODUCTION.

Sociedad Agrícola El Porvenir

It is a company dedicated to produce and process fruit for export. It starts in 1991 in the Rapel valley, located 150 km. southwest from Santiago. Nowadays it includes 15 orchards with 3.500 hectares planted and 4 fruit processing plants from 4th region of Chile (350 km north from Santiago) to the 7th region (350 km south from Santiago).

Sociedad Agrícola Rapel SAC (Verfrut Perú)

Sociedad Agrícola Rapel SAC is created in Peru on February, 2011. Sociedad Agricola Porvenir S.A owns 80% of the property’s stockholding. Currently, Agricola Rapel owns orchards with an area of more than 2.500 hectares, which up to July 2015, 1.700 of those hectares are composed of table grapes.

Vermar S.A.

The Vermar Trucking Company began operating in early 2003, with the goal of satisfying all trucking needs for Soc. Agricola el Porvenir & Sociedad Exportadora Verfrut. The first acquisition was composed of trailer trucks in order to transport export materials, agricultural machinery and fruit bound for packing. Vermar Trucking experienced a considerable growth to its fleet, in which it acquired truck tractors and trailer trucks to reach a growing fleet of 20 trucks.

Vermar Trucking continued its growth trend, and acquired more truck tractors, trailer trucks and imported cold storage rooms and container transport chassis, in order to begin transporting fruit to our local ports, which to this day remains our main service. Within the same year, Vermar diversified in the field of earth-moving and bought modern dump trucks to build ditches and road repairs.

United Cargo

In December, 2010, Sociedad Exportadora Verfrut S.A creates the United Cargo shipping company in a joint venture with 3 partners, each having a share of 20% of the capital. The company’s goal is to facilitate and negotiate all aspects of business with the shipping lines in order to expedite the export process and assure vessel space for all of its partners. The company also services third party exporters striving to be a leader in its field on a yearly basis. In 2015, United Cargo S.A. entered the Peruvian market.