Verfrut processes and packs the entirety of the fruit in its own packings, processing plants and collection/cold centers with the  latest technology.

Since 2007, a steady investment, which exceeds  the 23 MM USD, has been made regarding infrastructure in orchards, new facilities and machinery to improve the cold storage/pre cooling capacity of the facilities and process capacity in packings of grapes in orchards and plants, which as of July 2015, exceeds 35MM USD.

Among other things, the total capacity has been increased in the following areas: pre cooling and cold storage rooms in Combarbala and Rapel facilities as well as improved fumigation chambers in Rapel. The El Nevado facility in Longaví saw improvements to its A/C system, pre cooling, fumigation chambers, gauge sensors, packing lines and improved storage rooms. Lastly, the company recently built a packing facility for cherries with a total surface of 2.500 m2, which proudly holds a top of the line Unitec machine, which can identify color, fruit pressure and defects. This new machine can pack 6.000 Kgs per hour, which translates to 100.000 Kgs per day or 5 containers.

At the same time, the infrastructure of the facilities and fields have been upgraded with bathrooms/restrooms and dining areas for workers. Additionally 3 new packing facilities have been constructed for grapes, while two existing ones were expanded and refurbished. Furthermore, several improvements have been made to water channels and dams in order to maximize and efficiently hold and distribute irrigation water.

Finally, as mentioned before, in early 2011, Sociedad Agricola Rapel SAC was created and more than US$ 50 million have been invested in a processing plant, and orchards of grapes and avocado trees, among others species.

The company owns the following facilities:

  • Rapel Office (HQ)
  • Santiago Office
  • Combarbala Plant
  • Rapel Plant
  • Oro Verde Plant
  • Los Lirios Plant
  • El Nevado Plant
  • Piura Plant