Verfrut’s Peruvian Project

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Verfrut’s Peruvian Project

Early in the year 2011 in Perú, Agricola Rapel SAC is created, a company owned by the Verfrut Group, which today owns 2.500 hectares. As of today, February 2015, 1.700 hectares have been planted, positioning the company as the biggest producer of grapes in Perú.

The project takes place in Piura, 970 km north of Lima, and near the border with Ecuador, and only 60 km away from the port of Paita. This new project represents a perfect complement for the Chilean production of the Verfrut Group, considering that production months range from September to January. This area was chosen in large part for its abundance of water for irrigation, and the low probability of rains during harvest weeks. In Piura, harvest takes place before Northern Chile and Brazil.

The projects’ first stage concentrated in traditional varieties such as Red Globes, Crimson Seedless, Thompson Seedless, Sugraone, Flame Seedless and Autumn Royal. In the second stage of development, new varieties were chosen such as Timco, Allison, Arra 29, Sweet Jubilee and Sweet Globe in order to complement the production and keep our variety selection fresh for the future.

The projects development will continue in 2016 until all 2.000 hectares available are planted. In the region, the available water sources include the Piura River and 4 water dams with a total capacity of 600,000 m3.

The packing house and cold storage rooms are both centralized, and process the entirety of the company’s production. This top of the line facility has a total constructed surface of 150,000 m2 with 8 cold rooms, and 20 pre cooling chambers, with capacity to store 4,500 pallets. The packing areas are air conditioned to withstand Piura’s hot summers, and holds a surface area of 2,500 m2 with 8 packing lines and a capacity to pack 60,000 boxes per day (approximately 30 containers).

The Rapel SAC team is composed of experienced agronomers, and an administrative team selected out of the Verfrut branch, and complemented by workers of the Piura region. The commercialization of the fruit is coordinated from the offices of Verfrut in Chile. The commercial team travels from Chile to Perú throughout the season.

During the 2014-2015 campaign, Rapel SAC produced and exported over 2.000.000 boxes of 8.2kg grapes, and the projection for the 2016-2017 expects nearly 3.500.000 million boxes, from which 35% will be composed of Red Globes, and the remaining 65% will be composed of seedless varieties.

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