Verfrut Team

Management Team

Romano Vercellino D.


Mariano Rodriguez

Executive Director

Javier Martinez

General Manager

Ignacio Donoso

Director New Business Development / Overseas Offices

Mauricio Costa

Administration & Finance Manager

Romano Vercellino

Commercial Manager

Executive and Financial Team

Susana Aliaga

Chief Financial Officer

Elizabeth Orellana

Payroll Chief

Janet Hernández

Personal Manager

Alejandro Toledo

Documentation Manager

Ana María Abarca

Assistant to Manager’s Office

Constanza Lyon

Quality Assurance Manager (QA Manager)

Miguel Ángel Vargas

IT Manager

José Luis Martínez

Logistics Manager

Olga Abarca

Logistics Manager

Marcela Villanueva

Commercial Assistant

Carolina Flores


Commercial Team

Ignacio Donoso

Director New Business Development / Overseas Offices

Romano Vercellino M.

Commercial Manager

Sebastían Rodríguez

Export Manager

– North America

Alonso Moran

Export Manager South East Asia / Indonesia-Thailand-

Malaysia-Vietnam Analysis and optimization of procedures.

Jose Ladron de Guevara

Export Manager The Netherlands, Eastern Europe & India

Jose Tomás Alcalde

Export Manager Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Oceania

Juan Ignacio Vercellino

Export Manager Asia

Paula Ormeño

Programs: Escandinavia/Coop – Alemania Edeka/OGL/Kaufland